After the Symposium

Sound Film Installation

The main building of the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum in Shirokane in Tokyo’s Minato Ward was constructed in 1933, and is known for its Art Deco style architectural beauty. During the war it was used as the residence of Prince Asaka Yasuhiko, a General in the Japanese Imperial Army, and post-war as the official residence of Foreign Minister Yoshida Shigeru (as Yoshida was also Prime Minister, it in effect was the Prime Minister’s residence). As a site of Japanese modern politics and diplomatic negotiations, this historic building, designated as a nationally Important Cultural Property, is taken as a vessel of memory in this work. It presents a fictionalized account based on classified documents from Japan and the United States made public after 50 years, depicting three intersecting periods of time—the past, the present and the future—that could have taken place there. The audience wears headphones and freely walks through the building, and by listening to the conversations which could have taken place between people existing there and positioning themselves within spaces still containing relics of the time, connect themselves with the history and the future, or, experience “after the banquet” as audience/bystanders/characters who may have been complicit in decisions of the state.

饗宴のあと  アフター・ザ・シンポジウム