The Primary Fact

The modernity of today, formed with the technology and the media, makes everything exaggerated and enables “lying in politics” which had not existed before. This project tries to imagine the catastrophe with replacing the scientific language of the archaeology and anthropology with an artistic and performative language(=fiction), to counter the today’s reality which re-writes (as so do the revisionist) the history and is going toward destroying the original archives.
With this artistic experiment, can we discuss “truth in politics” again?

About 80 shackled skeletons which seem victims of execution were discovered in a mass grave in an AncientGreek cemetery, near the city harbor or seashore. According to the archaeologists, they might be the young persons, not enemies, thieves or slaves that escaped, as they were buried with their clothes, that shows the respect by the executers. Yet, many things remain unknown such as who they were, how they were executed. The dates of the mass graves were identified as the second half of 7th century B.C., by the archaeological classification about the two vases (oinochoes) lying between skeletons. The Primary Fact is this execution happened during the era when the society in Athens had been chaotic, which is before the democracy of the ancient Greece was born. Did the death of the youth cause any influence upon the coming political transition or nothing to with it? We cannot know.
The relic or artifacts show the fact of the execution but do not state the reasons.
This work examines the physical impact which led to the death by observing each skeleton as well as research through the art as physical experience. The execution which took place without witness during the Ancient Greece will be reproduced with the youth of today.

The Primary Fact will be premiered at the Fast Forward Festival 5, organized by the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens in May 2018, as an installation work of multi-screens. For the exhibition at the ISCP will be a newly constituted installation, which is composed of a single channel video, text and photography, which will be a new production.