Mujō (The Heartless)

This video installation consists of one document film titled “Civilian training center in Tainan Prefecture”(1940-43) from the collection of National Museum of Taiwan History and four footages produced by Fujii. Civilian Centers are built throughout Taiwan for Japanizing Taiwanese citizens during Taiwan under the Japanese rule period. At the center, Taiwanese citizens should learn not only the Japanese language but also the religious rituals or receive the physical training to be Japanese. Fujii extracted some ritual and physical gestures from the documentary film and made Vietnamese students and technical interns to reenact these actions.
Fujii focused on an individual student with zoom for filming personal feelings, which is a different technique from the original film where the group activity has priority. However, the installation depicts also the structure of the imperial domination in a different form, by urging the reenactment by Vietnamese students, whose labor is indispensable to the Japanese society, today.